Thank you for your interest in bringing the love of Jesus to the orphans of Moldova. We hope that the information provided in this packet will answer any questions you have concerning the trip. We pray that God will speak to your heart as you consider giving of yourself and your time to bring hope and love to the forgotten children of Moldova.

Please Note: We require a 6 person minimum for groups, and we cannot accommodate individual travelers. All travelers must come through their host church.

Specific Items needed will vary depending on the season of your trip. Moldova’s winters can be very extreme and their springs/autumns mild. We suggest you go online to find more detailed weather forecasts closer to your time of travel, so you can pack accordingly. Below is a list of suggested items to pack for your trip.

  • Hand Sanitizer/ Baby Wipes
  • Toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste, brush, soap, etc.)
  • Camera (take batteries with you if needed)
  • Umbrella
  • Power Converter/ Adapter (Moldova uses 220v power instead of 110v as in the USA. If you plan on using hair dryers, cell phones, etc., you will need to purchase a power converter that will plug into a european socket. If you do not use a converter, your electronics will overheat and potentially catch fire. If using laptops and camera charges, which contain their own ac adapter, only a european plug adapter is necessary.)
  • Snacks (on day trips to the orphanages or feeding the homeless, we suggest you pack snacks to eat between meals. Some of the villages you will be visiting will be long distances away from your accommodation or any restaurants.)
  • Motion Sickness medicines and digestive medicines
  • Flip-Flops for use in the shower

Warmer Weather Trips

  • Bug Spray
  • We recommend wearing tennis shoes or closed toed shoes- because of the non-existent roads or sidewalks in areas of Moldova, flipflops would not be a good idea.
  • Light jackets to wear in the evenings (depends on season of year)

Winter Weather Trips

  • Weather can be as cold as -30 degrees during a winter. Pack your warm coat as well as thermal underwear, scarves, gloves, and hats. Wearing layers is recommended.
  • Chap Stick
  • The non-existent roads and sidewalks become mud during the winter months. Bring snow boots which you do not mind getting covered in dirt, mud and snow. As general rule, we suggest leaving all fine and favorite garments at home when traveling to Moldova.
General Trip Info
  • Day 1- Traveling from the States to Chisinau, Moldova
  • Day 2- Arrival next day in Moldova- Check-in to accommodations ( Hotel or Private Home) and visiting some of the The Orphans Hands homes and young folk.
  • Day 3- Visit and interact with kids at Cornesti Orphanage/ Hospital
  • Day 4- Visit and interact with young men in Orhei Handicapped Orphanage
  • Day 5 &6- Will be split between helping poor families in villages and being part of our feeding the homeless outreach program
  • Day 7- Spending some time in downtown Chisinau, souvenir market, visiting The Orphans Hands homes. Go to dinner at a traditional Moldovan restaurant.
  • Day 8- Leave for the States, and arrive same day.
*We encourage groups to plan activities/ lessons, games etc. to do with the children in the orphanages, and also those in The Orphans Hands homes. It is during this one-on-one time where relationships will be built.
Trip Cost
The cost of the Moldova Trip is approximately $2,200. This breaks down into airfare costs +900
Included in this cost:
  1. Transportation: Air tickets (which account for considerably more than half of the cost). Transportation to and from the airport in Chisinau, to and from the residence you will be staying at, orphanages, and The Orphans Hands homes.
  2. All Travelers must have a valid passport before booking flights.
  3. Passports must not expire within 6 months on the date of leaving the USA.
  4. Accommodation: You will be staying in a private house. (If your group wishes to book into a hotel for their trip, this will incur further costs- we have a hotel we work in partnership with that can give you the best rates possible)
  5. Meals: Food will be provided when at the private home. If the group suggests to eat out, you will need to bring extra money for this.
  6. We will be taking the whole team out to a traditional Moldovan restaurant on their last evening in Moldova.
  7. Moldova Missions T-shirt – Each individual will need to provide their size no later than a month before travel. T-shirts will be sent to the host church for distribution within two weeks of travel.

* You will need to bring money for food during travel to and from Moldova, which we estimate at $50. The international airports accept US Dollars. We also suggest bringing extra money for souvenirs and shopping. Money is best exchanged in Moldova, where exchange booths are abundant and rates are best. DO NOT USE THE ATM IN MOLDOVA AIRPORT.

* The costs presented above are average price. Cost may vary due to fluctuating airline costs

All travelers will need a valid US Passport for travel. Please visit for all needed passport information.

Application processing generally takes 4-6 weeks from date of receipt. Expedited service takes approximately 2-3 weeks.

Passport Application Fee’s:

Application Fee $110+$25 acceptance fee= $135 Expedited Service Fee is additional $60

Consider being one of those who comes to listen, to love, to care. You will undoubtedly be changed, becoming ever purer and closer to the true heart of God. We can not describe the joy it brings to the faces of these orphans when they know someone cares about them, is interested in their joy and their sadness. We cannot describe must see it for yourself. God depends on us bringing His light, His love, and heavenly hope to these children. In going to experience the mission in Moldova, you will see and touch the very heart of God. He describes pure religion, undefiled, as caring caring for the widows and orphans. Caring for them, caring about them, caring to come to them.