In a month where candy hearts and beautiful roses flood America and professions of love are given and received, there is a Love that is as eternal as God himself. He saw us and made a Way for us to belong to Him. The Camerons were drowning in alcohol for over 200 years- a hopeless existence with despair and darkness as the only companions. But Jesus found us! My Uncle Michael sat in a cafe, waiting for a bus to take him to a bar. Between the salt and pepper shaker, a Gospel tract held the key to our deliverance. The waitress of that tiny cafe in the extreme north of Scotland wanted someone to know about the Love of God. And as my uncle, an alcoholic young man, read the scripture of John 3:16, “God so loved the world…” two hundred years of alcoholism could not hold back the wave of grace that would sweep his whole family into the Kingdom of God.

More than half a century later, that grace still flows through the work of The Orphan’s Hands. We reach young lives broken by the same curse and transform their loss into Heaven’s gain. As the new home in Ukraine opens, and the first girls find their way to a safe place, that same wave of grace that started in that Scottish cafe so long ago continues today. From the orphanage, to the homeless on the street, or the young girl cowering from the traffickers grasp… The Love of all loves, God’s Love, is reaching to them in their despair!

I say this often, “You have no idea how much God loves you!” I want YOU to know that you are the apple of His eye. He never sleeps… He watches you all the time. His goodness and His mercy follow you around, and you fill His heart with pride.

Can I ask you to pray about something? As our outreach expands, we are praying earnestly for God to provide the added costs of reaching the lost He loves so dearly. If everyone who sponsors The Orphan’s Hands and is part of our family could increase their monthly giving by $10 a month, it would help us fill the gap between where we currently are and where our vision lies. If you give $30, could you pray about increasing your gift to $40 a month, or whatever the Lord directs? To the scared girl who shivers in a Ukrainian winter night or the orphan who sits in loneliness, waiting for our kids to come back and visit… your love, your care, your support will give them Hope!


You are God’s Love manifest toward them.

Philip Cameron