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Terror Has No Words

They had just watched Jesus feed 5,000 men with two fish and five loaves. In fact, they had twelve baskets of

Terror Has No Words2019-09-26T14:41:11+00:00

He Came For Others

He knows how it feels. He came unto his own, and His own received him not (John 1:11). From the moment

He Came For Others2019-09-26T14:41:41+00:00

God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

This month, instead of hearing about all that God is doing through The Orphan’s Hands from me, you get to hear

God Doesn’t Make Mistakes2019-09-26T14:42:01+00:00

We Tried To Repay God

July 2016 We have tried to pay God back! I have shared a thousand times the horror I felt nine years

We Tried To Repay God2016-07-20T18:20:00+00:00

A Cake Turns Into A Miracle

Dear Friends, We know how the widow felt. Her supplies were gone, she and her son were starving, and she had

A Cake Turns Into A Miracle2016-06-10T18:24:46+00:00

Tears of Joy

For twenty-five years, I have tried to explain the spirit of what we do. We visit the orphan, bringing food, clothes, warmth

Tears of Joy2016-04-08T17:34:52+00:00

What’s in God’s Heart

Dear Friends, If you could see inside God’s heart, you would find that gold and silver and precious jewels do not

What’s in God’s Heart2016-03-09T22:17:58+00:00

Winter Is Here

It snowed yesterday in Moldova. The temperature went to -19. The long struggle of winter has begun in earnest. The struggle is

Winter Is Here2016-01-06T21:44:17+00:00
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