The Christmas trees are up, Thanksgiving has passed, and now the hunt for the perfect gift is in full swing! The other day, I went to our local mall to take my grandkids on the carousel. It was a zoo! It felt as if we were in line at a football stadium! It didn’t take long for me to offer to go to the McDonald’s play area as a bribe just to escape. I got back home and thanked Chrissie for doing all the family shopping at Christmas!

A van pulls up outside the door. Laughter, smiles, dignity has just invaded the gray… bright-colored boxes, bags bursting with warm clothes, boots that will make snow fun instead of pain. The Orphan’s Hands has just invaded their world. The months upon months of collecting for “the needy” has just been given a face! A family barely holding it together, a widow whose own children have left her with their kids to find work abroad, only to become caught up in the new world, forgetting the old. Christmas just arrived, because you care enough to love!

In hundreds of villages across Moldova, families brace for months of desperate struggle. The contrast between our world and theirs is so stark. By now, winter’s grip is firmly in place. Poverty is a cruel tax-master. Getting water from the well and breaking sticks for the stove that doubles as the cooker occupies the endless days of need. There are no stores, no twinkling lights or shops stuffed with endless rows of whatever… only long days, and much longer nights, waking often to feed the embers while hoping that it won’t be so cold tomorrow. Mornings are the worst. It’s almost impossible to get the courage to leave the cold bed to go outside to face the brutal day… a drafty house, the outside toilet, feeding the chickens in an endless gray world that will seem to last forever.

At Vatra Village, we have a real and pressing need. The first home is nearing completion, however we do not have the funds to purchase the heating system for the house, which costs approximately $8,000. If we can get this in place, it will allow us to move forward, no matter how cold it is outside. We can continue work to complete the house, and then welcome more young men and women into our care.

Can I ask you to pray about sending an extra gift this month to make this possible. If 100 people can give $80, we can purchase the system and have it installed immediately.

He came in a manger, from His exorbitant riches in Glory to our world in a dark, dingy stable. We can perform a similar act of grace this Christmas. As God, through love, included us… so we can include them! He came to lift the burden and darkness of this weary world for us. We can do the same for others in our own way. The year is almost done. We can’t go back and redo what’s past but we can “cast our bread upon the waters,” and become the extended Hand of Heaven and reach from our world to theirs.

I want to thank you for every gift you’ve given to save those in need this year: the orphan, homeless, widow, and broken home. Your giving has allowed our “kids,” who were thrown away on life’s garbage heap by others, to have the opportunity to redeem their own worth by reaching to help those who are as they once were! There is so much more to be done as winter descends upon the dire and broken. Please don’t forget them as our family and friends gather near this Christmas season.

Your help during this Christmas season is critically needed, and deeply appreciated!

I pray for you and yours a blessed Christmas and New Year! I plead the precious blood of Jesus over all of us as we walk together into 2018!

We love you!

The Cameron Family

The Orphan’s Hands reserves the right to allocate funds to the greatest need.