“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path (Psalm 119:105).”

The almost fifty young men and women at The Orphan’s Hands have split themselves up into groups, depending on each young person’s call and passion. They have devised plans for the next few months, in preparation to meet the wave of need that is sure to come. Some are addicted to caring for the poor… like the little boy Octavian who has just had surgery and Anna, the young girl we have helped to get a new prosthesis in Italy. These are just a couple of examples of the love and passion these amazing kids have. Many of the boys go to orphanages and host soccer camps, using the national passion for soccer to share the Gospel. Others will continue to help the homeless. Orphans reaching the lost! 

The largest outreach we have during the summer is loving children through camps, similar to what we call VBS. The Orphan’s Hands camps are spectacles of God’s grace, love, and care to kids who live in dire circumstances. For a week, from dawn into the night, our youth of The Orphan’s Hands reach into broken heartsmake friendships, and tell of a Love that will never let them go. Each camp costs The Orphan’s Hands $3,000… this will sponsor 200 kids for one week! 

It will provide food, clothes, and the most important thing: their own Bible. An illustrated Bible in their own language will be, for most children, the first book they will ever possess, filled with pictures that will help them understand God’s promise over their lives. As we’ve done this before, our hearts have been deeply moved as a little girl sat and slowly opened the pages of what had just become her greatest possession. While all of us have a Bible in every room and on most shelves in our house, these wee souls are hearing for the first time of a God who loves them, in a way that is easy for them to understand.

Can you pray about sponsoring a whole camp ($3,000) or half a camp ($1,500)? Or maybe one day of camp ($600)? Or can you pray about one thing that is very special; We can only buy Bibles as funds allow…. your gift of $100 for ten Bibles will let us put the Bread of Life into the hands of a hungry soul. Please pray. So many lives depend on what we do!

For the broken,

Philip Cameron
The Orphan’s Hands reserves the right to allocate funds to the greatest need.